Who We Are
Women’s Business Group Connects is a women’s networking group with a mission to build relationships and support women with their professional goals.
Our vision is to create an exclusively female-driven networking environment in the Greater Boston area, welcoming entrepreneurs from all industries.
Originally a Wellesley Chamber of Commerce subsidiary, WBG Connects was founded more than 20-years ago, providing an opportunity for ladies to meet like-minded professionals and make referrals in a non-pressured environment.
If you are looking to network with entrepreneurial women who are well connected and understand the value of a supportive networking organization, please consider reaching out now to discuss if this is the right group for you.
What We Do
We are a multicultural and multi-generational diverse group of women.
There's a wide range of combined experience through different professions, including:
• Travel & Tourism
• Finance, Wealth Management & Accounting
• Personal Styling
• Residential Real Estate
• Personal Injury Law
• Health & Wellness
• Hospitality, Food & Beverage
• Master Gardening
• Information Technology
• Marketing, Communications & Copy Writing
• Voice-Over Publishing
• Personal Brand Strategy
• Etiquette & Protocol
• Care Giving Management
• Executive Coaching
WBG Connects looks to build a strong network, helping women–whether newly entering their role or well-established–to define their voice within our group.
Professional self-development is essential to WBG.
The various virtual events offered focus on professionally relevant topics such as preparing for stand-out presentations, delivering successful elevator pitches, and harnessing exceptional customer service skills.
Our goal is to provide a learning platform where members receive supportive and constructive feedback.
Every woman needs trusted advice.
With our range of experienced professionals–some even retired!–WBG is lucky to offer mentorship services. Once you connect with our members, you'll learn who has the right experience to help guide you on business matters.
The right person will make all the difference. You'll feel more confident in your decision-making approach; know that you are not "in it by yourself" and have the assurance that there are members who want to help advise you if they can.
Harness your niche and define your presence.
WBG Connects aims to provide opportunities where you can share your expertise. This year we've introduced Lunch & Learn, a monthly program offering a rotating range of subjects to keep you on your toes!
In the first three months of the Lunch & Learn launch, our topic for members to prepare for is: "Delivering 30-minute presentations followed by a 10-minute Q&A." Members are encouraged to prepare handouts and create a virtually interactive presentation on a topic of their choice.
There are more ideas to come.
Knowledge is powerful when bringing your A-game to business.
Being able to present yourself online and in person while creating a harmonious balance is about being aware; we want you to feel 100% confident when you interact with any existing or potential client, customer, investor, or partner, with certainty. You'll learn more about what it takes to be confident by building small habits that add up in a big way.
You've got what it takes. We'll show you how to harness that skill set.
Business etiquette is often overlooked as an important skill to know.
Become more aware on how you are perceived and presenting yourself to others through a range of mediums. Our Coffee Connects sessions are quick 40-minute informational discussions that highlight a broad range of business etiquette related topics, such as making introductions, great first impressions, and professional email communications.
We want you to master great business etiquette: Allow us to show you the way.
Our group represents many industries.
There are times when you can refer someones services or products, that's where WBG can help.
Our members are a blend of entrepreneurs and established professionals, such as independent consultants, coaches, advisors, attorneys, speakers, founders, authors, fundraisers, podcasters, presidents, and owners, who are looking to give you business where they can, whether it be through their networks or for themselves. We want you to succeed; let us be your main source for reliable and high-quality connections.
WBG is not only a networking group, but we love to be social.
Restarting in 2022 are in person social events, some will be philanthropic, others will range from coffee, brunch, lunch, dinner, and cocktail hour. We will open our doors to non-members for a few of our events and others will be exclusively for members only.
If you enjoy the social aspect of networking, learn about our annual memberships by clicking here to see if we're the right fit for you.
Valuable Ways to Connect & Grow
Our much loved Speaker’s Series, where a female entrepreneur talks about a relevant subject of interest to our members.
Open to prospective members.

See our past guest speakers and topics by clicking here.
Coffee Connects is a monthly micro-program designed to educate our members, highlighting various topics that affect entrepreneurs in today’s business world.
Members meet on the third Friday at
8:00 AM each month for 45-minutes.
Lunch & Learn, introduced in 2022, aims to inspire our members to take a leap of faith to work on their soft professional skills and receive constructive feedback.
Opportunities include presentations, speech preparation and delivery, and five-star customer service training impacting client retention.
Social Events Are Back
Our Social Events invites women of all ages and professions to socialize through a variety of interesting events.
Some get-togethers are open to the general public; most are members only.
In the picture above, Irina Gorbman hosted an art show, members only event, at her studio.