President:  Aya Metwally
My global experience, intellectual capital, and dedicated personal service help my clients meet their life and business goals. Defining those goals is where we start. As a Planning Consultant, I can access a vast array of resources on investment approaches to preserve and grow wealth. As a team member, I collaborate with seasoned and respected investment professionals, offering a premier trading and execution platform and a full spectrum of investment choices.
Treasurer:  Diane Patriarca
Bonanno, Savino, Davies & Ganley, PC
Speaker Committee: Susana Brown
High Quality, Custom Made Clothing to Fit Men. Personalized, Convenient, Direct-to-Consumer@ Better Price Points!
Membership Committee: Debbi-Jo Horton
No one wants to age poorly. We might kid ourselves that we don't care, but that is usually because we think that nothing will help OR that it will cost too much or take too much time. I used to think that, but Neora’s one step process changed my mind. I started out by saying "no thanks" to the business because my CPA background and past experiences told me that the industry is too full of bad companies and people, but after just a few months and exposures to the REAL people and REAL science that created Neora, I changed my point of view. What started out as a very spare time business that was to be a piece of my retirement turned into a passion to help people change their lives starting with my own Mom! I am in the business now on a more part to full time schedule because I am creating a life for myself.
Independent Neora Brand
Outreach Committee: Valerie Gaines
Valerie Gaines is a level IV (Master Teacher) Reiki practitioner certified in the Usui System of Reiki Healing. She practices Reiki at the Women's Wellness Center in Wellesley and in Ashland. Reiki for seniors, especially in assisted living facilities, is also a specialty. Valerie was also a Certified Reiki Volunteer at Brigham and Women’s Hospital where she provided care and comfort to patients, visiting families, and hospital staff for five years. She received a BA in Religion from Wellesley College in 2000. Email: or phone: (508) 561-5780, Facebook:; LinkedIn:
Women's Wellness Center
Phone: 508-561-5780
Website & Technology Committee: Jeanne Richardson
Over 20 years of experience in travel planning, tour management, and education. CEO and Group Travel Consultant for Blue Dynasty Entertainment and Travel, a woman and minority-owned business in Boston. Certified by International Guide Academy as an International Tour Director. Certified by the Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA) as a Master Cruise Counselor (MCC). A Certified Travel Specialist who creates memorable travel experiences to international destinations for businesses, families, friends, and social groups.
Blue Dynasty Entertainment and Travel
877-368-8003 x3
Social Media Committee: Wendy Tulman
I love designing + creating candles for gifts, events, and other gifting occasions. I pour tins, glass containers and will even fill your vessel (candle by the ounce!). Wax is USA grown and all fragrances are phthalate free. Peach Business info: I take pride in being a wonderful connector for people. As a stylist for a women run company, I believe that it is important for women to help women.
JEANROSS candles
Board Advisor: Betsy Millane
People ask what's the difference in Realtors? The one you get off is transactional. They are in it for the transaction. I am different - I am relational. I care about you beyond the sale of your house or purchase of another one. Like any good professional, I hope to be always your go-to Realtor. Please contact me with your real estate questions. I am here to help.
Gibson Sotheby's
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