Janika LeMaitre

Janika (Jan) LeMaitre is a certified consultant specializing in personal brand strategy and reputation self-management. She guides her clients on how to build confidence when presenting themselves in their professional world online and in-person. Jan offers hourly advice and short & long term project consulting services. Much like a rough diamond, her mission is to help her clients polish every facet; Her goal is to help you “define the business of being you.”

Jan is certified with the Protocol School of Washington® and The British School of Excellence™.

Katya Portnaya
15 Years in the Limousine Industry has taught me to keep going no matter the challenges that come up. Strive for excellence every day, and the rest will follow.
President at Boston Carriage, Inc.
Susana Brown
Speakers Chair
High-quality, custom-made clothing to fit men.
Personalized, convenient, direct-to-consumer at better price points!
Jeanne Richardson
Website & Technology Chair
Jeanne Richardson has over 20 years of experience in travel planning, tour management, and education.  She helps women travel safely to international destinations for vacations and birthday celebrations with close friends.  The itinerary is fully customized, so all you have to do is travel.
Blue Dynasty Entertainment and Travel
877-368-8003 x3
Website:  www.bluedynastyent.com
Claudia O'Regan
Membership Chair
Biography coming soon.
Aya Metwally
Board Advisor & Past President
My global experience, intellectual capital, and dedicated personal service help my clients meet their life and business goals. Defining those goals is where we start. As a Financial Planner, I can access a vast array of resources on investment approaches to preserve and grow wealth. As a team member, I collaborate with seasoned and respected investment professionals, offering a premier trading and execution platform and a full spectrum of investment choices.
Company: Fidelity Investments
Email: aya1336@gmail.com