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Attorney Susan K. Howards
Criminal Defense and Domestic Violence
Employment Discrimination/MCAD
Specialties: Criminal Defense Law and 'Domestic Violence, Restraining Orders

Susan K Howards is a former college professor who trained teachers from 34 countries. She took her pension and went to law school mid-life. She was the second oldest in her class and wore her first pair of jeans ever as a student.  She received her Ph.D. from Boston College along with a Fulbright Hayes award to India, where she traveled the region.
As a criminal defense attorney, she was a quasi-public defender as a bar advocate in the old Chelsea Court, the Boston Municipal Court, and Brookline District Court.  She was Eugenia Moore’s attorney, the first of The Framingham Eight to have her life sentence commuted.  She has a national practice, and along with representing victim thrivers, she also represents batterers.
Currently, she is a member of the Norfolk County Domestic Violence Round Table, The Jennifer A Lynch Committee Against Domestic Violence, and Counsel to Reverse Patterns and Women Thriving inc.
Susan K. Howard, JD. PhD.
Law Office of Susan K. Howard
Email -    suehow@aol.com
Website - www.susankhowards.com 
Telephone - 617-383-6000


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