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Multimedia Journalist, author, educator
Multimedia Journalist

Rama K. Ramaswamy is a multimedia journalist, author and TV personality residing in Wellesley. Her works include national and local newspaper, journal and magazine publications; ComingFullCircleRKR and chattingitupwithRamaYouTube. Ramaswamy has held board positions and continuous to work with several charitable and educational policy nonprofits (World of Wellesley, Riverbend Montessori School, Community Investors, the World of Wellesley, Breast Cancer Research Foundation, Save The Children, The Anaya Tipnis Foundtion, Wellesley Education Foundation, to name a few) and is very active in creating and founding community and educational programing; including the ongoing Wellesley Public School curriculum review and updates: WPSgeology, WEFSTEMExpo, MulticulturalFestival and recently, MSNBC healthcare policy expert physician Dr. Gupta whyvotescount. Rama’s background is the arts, business and sciences; she holds several degrees, with her MBA coursework in international relations and Ph.D. fieldwork in Geo-Biology and Microbiology; the database is currently part of the US Geological Survey and NASA’s Exobiology/ Astrobiology Initiatives.