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Business Development Manager
Care with Care

An MBA graduate and an Accountant by profession, Sophie Kiiza Doherty, has been with Care With Care Homehealth Care, since its inception. She has worked with various organizations, from which she has learned skills and employed them in her own company. She is one of the original founders and brain behind the entire marketing strategy, that has seen Care With Care Homehealth Care grow from zero dollars to close to two million dollars in sales, during the pandemic. Our vision is to bring a smile in every environment that we engage in. Sophie works tirelessly to train and coach her staff in providing great customer service and she is determined to continue growing the company by adding more knowledge and skills to herself. Her desire has always been to own her company and to be able to see it continue on a successful path, she is now a Nursing student at Regis College in Weston, Massachusetts, which knowledge and skills will enable her to continue growing the business and serve her clients, with better medical knowledge and skills. In her free time, Sophie enjoys playing golf on warm sunny days at a par 3 golf course in Lexington. Without the pandemic, she enjoys going to parties and dance with her husband and every day without missing a morning or an evening, she never forgets to thank the most high who enables her to go through each and every day with a smile.