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Chef/Cooking Instructor/Wine Consultant
Sip Cook Learn

Like most chefs, and culinary experts, Janine developed her interest and taste for food at a very young age. The story is still told about her at two year’s old begging for more steamed clams in drawn butter! ​ Janine Malone’s paternal grandmother was an amazing self-taught cook, who studied Julia Child’s techniques and recipes. It was from her that Janine inherited the gene of the love of preparing and sharing great food. While growing up - meals, cooked well, were at the heart of every family gathering. ​ With a degree in Economics, Janine entered the business world and her work travels opened up to her the global adventure of food and fine dining. Her marriage to John Malone further enhanced her interest, and studies, as a shared passion. This passion further developed when their sons were born and Janine wanted to give them fresh, delicious, home-made meals. Their sophisticated palates are all telling! Today, as owner of Sip Cook Learn and Ingredients Cooking School, you will find Janine continuing the ongoing study of everything culinary. Her natural teaching abilities, along with her knowledge of how to utilize the freshest ingredients from local sources, is legendary. Because Janine is still digging for those soft shell clams she loves, discovering new ways to make her dishes even more delicious, or honing her cooking techniques, you will be guaranteed to learn, as well as enjoy, every minute of your cooking class. Janine is just as passionate about wine as she is about food. She is always searching for the perfect food/wine pairing and sources wine as she does her food, with respect and support for small family farmers. A consummate entertainer, look to Janine to help you choose wines for your next event, host a wine tasting party for your friends or colleagues or help you create the perfect food & wine pairing.