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My name is Lisa Sands. I’m a mom of three teenage boys and can be found anywhere where women lean in and support other women. Oh… and where men and women want to learn about non-toxic hair, skin and wellness products. All backed by clinical studies, and American made to boot. In 2014 I was balding after family stressors and a hip replacement. After trying three different highly recommended products by dermatologists, nothing worked until I found these naturally based products (that I was reluctant to try- I’m a skeptic about mostly everything). Long story short my hair finally started growing and the bald spots started filling in. Coming from a medical sales background I obviously had to know more… so I learned, and the more I learned the more I loved the company and it’s products… so much so I started repping the company. Monat has become the #1 luxury haircare brand all because it’s based on science. If anyone is looking for options to help with any hair issues your having (from thinning to frizz, to just getting ‘clean’ products in your hands), plant based skincare (ingredients sourced from around the world) and now wellness (collagen builder anyone?) let me know. I’m a geek when it comes to talking all things non-toxic and science based goodness.