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CarePatrol of Greater Boston/Metro West
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CEAN TAN Passionate, Engaged, Ethical “My ethics are unwavering and core to my value system. My clients know I will work hard for them and truly listen to their needs - they always come first.” Location: Greater Boston/MetroWest, Massachusetts Your Personal Senior Living Advisor and Concierge I am honored to serve my clients as their senior living advisor and concierge. I’ll listen and guide my clients in defining their goals, research senior living options that fit their values and needs, review MA regulatory surveys over assisted living communities, and deliver customized recommendations that don’t overwhelm or consume too much valuable time. My goal is to do the heavy lifting so my clients and their families can enjoy precious time together with greater peace of mind. I can also relate to my clients on a personal level, as I watched family members in crisis losing valuable time with each other while transitioning from hospital stays to short term rehabilitation. I also watched loved ones slowly slip away with dementia and their families in pain, exhausted and lonely. In both cases, the impact on the family was significant and support a maze of confusing information. In both cases, my aunts were given long lists to research options and told to figure it out themselves. Listening to their pain, I knew there had to be a better way. I knew I wanted to help others in this area of selecting the next level of care when living alone at home is no longer the best solution. I work with independent living, assisted living, and memory care communities as well as in home care agencies for those needed some additional support to stay at home. Passionate About Serving Her Community The process of seeking care for a loved one can present challenges, where information may be limited or not freely shared. It’s a process of soul searching and facing a change that may have previously been avoided. I’m passionate about helping clients through periods of transition, whether it’s a planned but tough decision to leave home for more social engagement or better care, or a decision forced prematurely by a health crisis. I don’t want my clients and their families to feel like they have to settle or make decisions that may not be the best choice for them. There should be no regrets with a decision this important. When it comes to my business, I’m excited about getting out and engaging with my clients, their families and other businesses in the community. Throughout my career in corporate and as a CPA, I loved partnering with others to find the best solutions to seemingly big challenges and opportunities. As a dedicated volunteer and engaged participant in my church, I serve others with passion, engagement and a strong work ethic. To me, it’s important to have a positive impact on my community. I’m excited to do that again for my CarePatrol clients. Unwavering Ethics Guide Every Turn Having worked in governance oversight roles and as a CPA, my ethics are unwavering and core to my value system. In the past, I have made some tough decisions with my career to stay true to my values and clients. My clients know I will work hard for them and truly listen to their needs - they always come first. I set a high bar for myself when serving my clients. For me, client service is about going above and beyond. Because, at the end of the day, it’s not just about delivering what’s expected, it’s about finding hidden value and exceeding expectations. There’s no greater satisfaction than a happy client! Their satisfaction and referrals mean the world to me. Academic Credentials & Memberships Certified Senior Advisor (CSA) (Current) Certified Public Accountant (1990 - 2018) Master’s degrees in Business Administration (MBA) and Accounting from Northeastern University Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Psychology, Wellesley College Past Experience Over 30 years in audit, governance and financial leadership and advisory roles in public accounting and multinational financial institutions in Boston, New York and Singapore. I've built new internal businesses, functions and teams in the corporate environment and partnered closely with internal clients on major change initiatives.