Welcome to another issue of our weekly bulletin! This bulletin will give you highlights and details about our members.
Jacqueline de Boer - The British Voiceover
Jacqueline de Boer is a professional audiobook narrator and producer. As the British Voice-Over Lady, Jacqueline can seamlessly switch from an authentic British accent to a neutral mid-Atlantic tone for your international audience.
Cynthia Deltano - Juice Plus
I help people keep fight disease, help you with an easier way to get nutrition into your child, dramatically slow down the aging process and earn additional income. I believe that everyone deserves to be healthy and financially free, so I have partnered with a company that promotes healthy living while helping people create income.
Betsy Millane -  Realtor
People ask what's the difference in Realtors? The one you get off Realtor.com is transactional. They are in it for the transaction. I am different - I am relational. I care about you beyond the sale of your house or purchase of another one. Like any good professional, I hope to be always your go-to Realtor. Please contact me with your real estate questions. I am here to help.
Gibson Sotheby's

Member Spotlight

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