Posted by Andrea Booth on Mar 29, 2017
Spring is right around the corner and with it comes an increase in construction projects for homeowners and businesses. And with new projects come new permits and inspections. Permits filed in the construction departments of cities and towns are for the benefit of the home or business owner, not the construction companies. 
By Elise Gebhardt, Treasurer of J.G. Electric Co. and WBG Connects Board member
Here’s why:
  • Inspectors check the license of the person or company doing the work and verify that:
  • the license is up to date
  • the licensee has competed the requirements for renewal
  • there are no license suspensions due to poor work quality.
  • Be aware: not all licensed professionals are good. Just as in every industry, a license does not mean that someone’s work is consistently lawful, up-to-date with the new national codes or done in a proper manner. Some professionals cut corners due to cost or the owner’s request. Easier is not always better.
However, not all work warrants the need for a permit and inspection. It is best to check with your local inspector to be sure.
The goal of building inspectors, electrical and plumbing inspectors is always SAFETY first. It is in the best interest of the home or business owner to be assured by us that the work was completed correctly. We hate for our first visit to the site to be with the fire department.