Read on for Elise's tips on staying safe around fallen power lines. With the season of strong winds and rain storms coming, its always a good reminder of what to do.

  1. Move at least 10’ away from the line and anything touching it
    The human body is an excellent conductor of electricity
  2. Shuffle away keeping your feet together and in contact with the ground.
    Electricity wants to move from a high voltage zone to a low voltage zone and it could do that through your body
  1. If you see someone who has come in direct  or indirect contact with a downed power line, do not touch the person. 
    Call  911 immediately
    Keep everyone away until help arrives
  2. Do not drive over a downed power line in the street
    If it comes down on your car, stay in the car
    Do not let others come close to your car
    Only if you see fire should you attempt to leave the vehicle
    Open the door furthest away from the downed line and jump out with both feet together.