We are pleased to welcome our new member, Lynn Croft. Lynn discovered WBG Connects via our website and joined us for Sunday Brunch Event on 3/18. She has since joined membership and plans to attend Let's Do Coffee! on Friday 3/23. Stop in to meet Lynn and learn more about her business, Advocating 4 Your Health. Her Member Profile has been added to our online directory: http://bit.ly/2FNWdDD
"I am a Professional Independent Patient Advocate, who assists patients and/or caregivers in identifying healthcare professionals, support groups, clinical trials and other resources to help them with their medical care. My over 15 years’ experience in the pharmaceutical/biotech industry in Sales and Marketing roles has given me a deep understanding of the struggles patients face in finding answers and support. Much of my career has been in the Rare Disease arena where I witnessed first hand the struggles parents and patients faced in overcoming delays in diagnosis and treatment, as well as the ever day life challenges. That experience gave me the foundation to launch my own business as a Health/Patient Advocate." ~ Lynn Croft, Advocating 4 Your Health