I joined for the quality relationships & networking opportunities offered.
I stayed because strangers became friends and work colleagues. 
I am never leaving having witnessed the doors that can be opened.
Let me take you back to  2015 when I was brand new to the insurance industry. I was told by my manager at the time that I should get as many networking connections as possible- that's how referrals happen. Anyone in business development knows that referrals are gold and they minimize the amount of cold prospecting you need to do. So I quickly joined many networking groups, attended countless events, and became frustrated when all my efforts didn't meet my expectations of what networking should allow me to accomplish. It didn't take me long to figure out that I wanted to move away from quantity and toward quality. This is when I stumbled across WBG online. I reached out to the president at the time and she allowed me to attend their next general meeting as her guest.

I was immediately fond of the members, their approach to building connections, and the many options they offered their members to stay in touch with each other. I joined membership following my first visit. Overtime, I began assisting the membership chairwomen with her responsibilities. The following year I accepted a leadership role within the organization and became the Membership chairwomen. Throughout my time at WBG, I have made deep and meaningful connections. I work non-stop with fellow board members to continue improving and growing WBG. To close out our 2016-2017 year, we held a large general meeting with an impressive local speaker and invited many, many guests. At the end of this meeting, I was busy signing up multiple new members for the following year. One of them was now current member, Lucille Fisher.
I had graduated high school with Lucille's son, and she knows my in-law's very well. We instantly connected and grabbed coffee a few days later. While chatting she suggested I link up with a local insurance agent for the opportunity to see if we could help each other in some capacity and she graciously connected us via email. Fast forward 6 months, and I accepted an offer from this agency which turned out to be a wonderful fit! Because of this change, my office is now local and allows me to be much more involved in WBG and able to put more time into meeting with members and guests, as well allowing me to spend more time with my family. I could not be happier- and I owe it all to the power of WBG.

-Katelyn Atwater