We are excited to announce our speaker, Marian Ryan, Middlesex District Attorney.
Middlesex District Attorney Marian Ryan is an accomplished trial and appellate prosecutor, an acknowledged leader in the battle against the opioid crisis, an outspoken advocate for criminal justice reform, and a creative, collaborative innovator in developing crime prevention programs.
She has created within the Middlesex District Attorney’s Office a robust juvenile and young adult diversion program, a drug diversion option and a restorative justice initiative and helped build a Conviction Integrity Unit. Under her leadership, the Office implemented the practice of not requesting cash bail in low-level non-violent offenses to avoid the impact of pretrial detention. Her support of these efforts is important because of its improbability.
She has successfully prosecuted many of Middlesex County’s most complex and violent cases and herself been the victim of a brutal attack. Yet, from those experiences, she has developed a deep understanding of how to best protect the public safety and administer justice with compassion and fairness.  
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