From the President



Hello Wonderful Women of WBG!

WBG has gotten off to another great start this fall with two fun-filled General Meetings complete with interesting and informative speakers in Kim Brooks of Hebrew Senior Life and Rosemary Gill of Milk Street Cooking School. I’m also very happy to say that we’ve already started gearing up for our December fundraiser for the amazing organization Dignity Matters. If you haven’t heard anything about them yet, I’d ask you to read up on them and the fantastic work they are doing so you’ll be eager to open your wallets for them in December.

The most exciting goings-on of this fall for WBG has been the launch of our new website! Like any big change, some members experienced some kinks during their first visit, but Maruta and our dedicated team at MemberNova have been working diligently to work those kinks out. The whole site and more specifically the profile update process is now running smoothly. I greatly appreciate the work Maruta and the team has put in. I think you’ll find the site more engaging, fresh and user-friendly. My thanks to all of you for your patience through this big upgrade. I know this one-stop shop will become a much-used resource you and the new members it will draw to our amazing group. 

It’s been great to see everyone again at the general meetings. I’m looking forward to seeing more of you at our monthly Let’s Do Coffee and our Business Forum on Cyber Security in November. 

Happy Fall!

Jennifer Moran

WBG President 2016-2018